Top 10 reasons to make a will
Top 10 reasons to make a will

Top Ten Reasons to Make a Will

Everybody knows it is important to make a Will, but most people put off making one of their own for a variety of reasons.

The directors of Will Drafters Ltd, David Crossland and Michelle Hanover, are now urging everyone to make a Will. And now, after being given access to extensive research among their 80,000 clients since 1990, we give you their clients’ Top 10 Reasons For Making a Will:

1) To save a lot of trouble, expense and delay after I’m gone

2) To appoint a guardian for my children

3) To make financial provision for my children’s upkeep and education

4) To make sure there are no arguments in the family

5) So my spouse’s family don’t get everything if we both die together

6) I don’t want the government or anyone else to decide who gets what

7) As my partner and I are unmarried neither of us will benefit if the other one dies, which could cause hardship

8) As my partner and I both have children from previous relationships I want to make sure my own children don’t lose out

9) To prevent my home from being sold while someone in my family still needs it

10) To make provision for an elderly or handicapped relative so the government doesn’t take it all

No one likes to think about what happens when they die. But if we don’t, our families could suffer.

Now, by telephone, you can have a brief discussion about making a Will with a member of the Will Drafters ’ legal department. It’s without obligation and at no cost - just sound advice and sensible answers.

If you ask them to proceed, your Will can be ready to sign in days – and at surprisingly low cost.

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