Single Parents and a Will
Single Parents and a Will

Single Parents and Wills

The directors of Will Drafters Ltd, David Crossland and Michelle Hanover, are now urging all single parents to make a Will. Mary Harris met up with them recently to find out why.

Mary: "As a single parent myself, isn’t it true I don’t need a Will as everything would automatically go to my children?"

David: "Normally yes. But if you are only separated from your previous partner, not divorced, then this wouldn’t be the case as, depending on your circumstances, your previous partner may get everything".

Mary: "This would worry a lot of single parents, can you tell us more?"

Michelle: "If you are divorced or unmarried then everything owned solely by you will go to your children including any adopted but not stepchildren. Without a Will, anything owned jointly with someone else, such as a property, would go to him or her".

Mary: "Can I specify an age at which my children are to inherit?"

Michelle: "Yes. Most parents opt for 18 or 21 while a few prefer 25. Any age over 25 brings up certain tax problems, so is best avoided".

Mary: "And what will happen if I die while my children are still young?"

Michelle: "You will need to appoint guardians to look after your children. Most people choose a brother or sister. Some choose parents but you must consider their age".

David: "Also, you should appoint at least two trustees who will then look after the money and make sure your guardians have the financial support they need. Once your children reach the age you chose the trustees would pay them their share".

Will Drafters  offer a convenient Wills-by-phone service and have written over 80,000 Wills since the two directors founded it in 1990.

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