Retiring and Your Will
Retiring and Your Will

Retiring and Your Will

Every person newly retired knows it is important to make a Will, but most put off making one for a variety of reasons.

The directors of Will Drafters Ltd , David Crossland and Michelle Hanover, are now urging all newly retired people to make a Will.

“Retirement can be like starting a new life. But with your new life comes new responsibility. An untimely death now would be a great tragedy, particularly if your surviving family then had to battle with legalities or, even worse, each other to get what they thought was rightfully theirs”, said Mr Crossland.

“And there’s always the question of how to avoid leaving a large chunk of your well earned money to the tax man”, said Miss Hanover.

Will Drafters offer a convenient Wills-by-phone service and have written over 80,000 Wills since the two directors founded it in 1990.

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