Protective Property Trust Will
Protective Property Trust Will

Protective Property Trust Wills - Life Interest Trust Wills

These can be used to avoid losing your property to pay for long term care!

As current legislation stands, if somebody has to go into long term care the Local Authority has the power to seize all but £22,500 of their assets as a contribution towards the cost of that care.

Official government statistics show that some 69,000 homes are seized every year to fund long term care.

This can easily be prevented by making the correct Wills.

Such Wills are often referred to as ‘Protective Property Trust’ or ‘Life Interest’ Wills.


1. Both partners must still be alive. If one has died it is too late

2. You must already have set up your home ownership as Tenants in Common.

You can make this type of Will easily Online. You can also arrange the Tenancy in Common.

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