Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to use a solicitor to Make a Will

A. No. To be legally valid a Will does not have to have been written by a Solicitor. Provided it is correctly worded, who actually wrote your Will is irrelevant. Furthermore, to be legally binding a Will does not have to be witnessed by a Solicitor either; it can be witnessed by any two competent people who are not beneficiaries or directly related to a beneficiary.

Q. Is an Online Will Legal

A. Yes. Online Wills simply automate the process followed by Solicitors in drafting Wills. This substantially reduces the cost and time involved.

It is however important that the online software generates your Will by incorporating the same standard clauses and paragraphs used by Solicitors throughout England & Wales.

You should ONLY use an Online Will Website where every Will document produced is checked by a Professionally qualified Will writer. This is not the case with most of the very low cost options. Tenminutewill check every will for full peace of mind

Q. Are there any circumstances where an Online Will is inappropriate

A. Yes - see here

Q. Are DIY Wills Legal

A. Yes and No. The will be legally valid providing the wording is 100% correct. However this is the main danger with a DIY will as it could be easy to make an unwitting mistake rendering your will invalid or open to contention. For further information see here

Q. Where should I store my will?

A. You should store your will in as secure a place as possible. Many people choose to store their will with a solicitor, a bank or with the Court Service. Wherever you choose you must make sure that your chosen Executors know where it is.