DIY Wills
DIY Wills

Do it yourself and DIY Wills

DIY will kits are readily available in many shops and on the internet. Indeed you could write a will from a blank piece of paper if you wish.

The advantage of the DIY Will route is cost, they are available from around £10.

The disadvantage is that if you make a mistake you could leave your will open to contention or at worst invalid. This could mean that all your good intentions were fruitless and can cause a lot of heartache for your intended beneficiaries and loved ones.


"I leave everything to my wife and on her death it is to be shared between my children"

Good intentions you might think, and looks OK. The testator clearly wishes to leave everything to his wife who would then, in turn, leave it to the sons. However, worded this way this clause would mean that the estate actually by-passes the wife in favour of the sons. The wife would merely be holding the estate in trust for her sons.

We would not recommend making a DIY will then for a few pounds more you can make a fully legal, solicitor checked Will online in half the time.

If you do insist on going the DIY route you can purchase a DIY Will Kit here from around £12.

Remember an Online Will will only cost a few pounds more and will offer full peace of mind that it is correctly drafted.