Free, DIY and Online Wills
Free, DIY and Online Wills

Making and Writing a Will Online

This websites gives you everything you need to know about making a will, and writing a will, in the UK (England and Wales). Including information about free Wills, Online Wills and DIY Wills. We recommend that you make your Will with one of the Online Will Services for the best value for money and speed.

The best way to make a will from a cost and ease of use perspective is online.

Please read our Online Wills pages.

Alternatively you can make a will online in minutes at the link below.

Make a Will Online in Minutes - Money Back Guarantee


See why we recommend the Online Will Writing service from Tenminutewill here


Online Wills

Making a Will online is probably the best option available. It is both cheaper and faster than using a solicitor and, in most cases, avoids the pitfalls of cheap diy our Online Wills Page


Free Guide to Making a Will

Will Drafters Ltd have written wills for over 90,000 customers since it began in 1990. You can have their "Free Guide to Making a Will" emailed to you in seconds. More information here


Free Wills

It is possible to make a will free, indeed you can write a will on the back of a cigarette packet if you wish. However it is very unwise to do so............ see our Free Wills Page


DIY Wills

There are several sources for DIY kits, but again you should heed warnings before making a DIY will. Read more on our DIYWills Page

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